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India- Russia Annual Summit

07 Dec 2021

Category : International Relations

Topic: India- Russia Annual Summit

Recently, the 21st India-Russia Summit was held. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian PM Narendra Modi attended the summit.
The first 2 + 2 Ministerial Meeting was held at the same time. The conference signed 28 agreements in areas ranging from defence to energy, space exploration, science and technology, heavy industry, trade and investment.

Key points:

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin invited Prime Minister Modi to Russia for the 22nd Indo-Russian Annual Summit in 2022.
  • The two heads of state and government expressed satisfaction with the continued development of a "special and privileged strategic partnership" among the countries, notwithstanding the challenges raised by Covid.
  • The role of the connection through the Chennai-Vladivostok Tokai Corridor, proposed as the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC), played a role in the discussion.
  • The two heads of state and government were looking forward to stronger interregional cooperation between different regions of Russia, especially between Far Eastern Russia and the provinces of India.
  • They agreed that the two countries would share standard views and concerns about Afghanistan and acknowledged that a bilateral roadmap for consultation and cooperation in Afghanistan had been developed at the NSA level.

Importance of the meeting:

  • The 50-year signing of the 1971 Peace and Friendship Treaty and the 20-year declaration of strategic partnerships symbolize a long-standing and proven India-Russia relations and mutual trust.
  • It forms the country's core interests in respect and respect and the similarities in its position on various international and regional issues.

2 + 2 Dialogue:

This takes place between the two foreign ministers and defence ministers, strengthening the integration of defence, security and intelligence, and making a decisive strategic shift in bilateral relations. The purpose is to build a mechanism.

Why is Russia important to India?

  • Even though India has diversified its defence trading partners, Russia still controls India's defence inventory by about 70 per cent.
  • Russia continues to be the only partner that continues to provide India with critical technologies such as nuclear submarines.
  • The new strategic relationship between Russia and China has significant security implications for India.
  • Russia has also repeated "unwavering support" for India to become a permanent member of the expanded UN Security Council.