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Delimitation Panel

20 Dec 2021

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Topic: Delimitation Panel


The National Conference (NC) has sent a letter to the Jammu and Kashmir Boundary Commission (led by Ranjana Prakash Desai, former Supreme Court Judge ) requesting details of the plan for upcoming meetings with Union Territory parties.


Jammu and Kashmir Border Commission prepared a final report based on the 2011 census, considering the terrain, rugged terrain, means of communication, and convenience for continuous demarcation. The commission must create seven additional seats for 83 members of the Union Territory (UT).

Boundary Exercise Timeline at J & K:

  • The first boundary exercise by 25 members of the state at the time was conducted by the Boundary Commission in 1951.
  • The first full-scale demarcation committee was established in 1981 and made recommendations in 1995 based on the 1981 census.
  • Since then, there have been no boundaries.
  • In 2020, the Boundary Commission was configured to conduct exercises based on the 2011 census, adding seven more seats to Union Territory and requiring reservations to be given to SC and ST parishes.
  • The total seats in Jammu & Kashmir will increase from 83 to 90.
  • Apart from the 24 seats reserved for the PoK area and need to be available in the assembly.

What is Delimitation, and why is it necessary?

  • Established by the centre on the 6th, centred in August 2019, along with other J & K-specific bills.
  • The Jammu and Kashmir Boundary Commission last March redesigned the Union Territory Lok Sabha and members of Parliament under the 2019 Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act and the 2002 Border Act.


The boundary means the process of establishing a boundary or boundary for territorial members in the state where the legislative body is located.

Who is exercising Delimitation?

The powerful committee carries out the break. They are formally called Border Commissions or Border Commissions. These organs are so powerful that the order is legal and cannot be challenged by any court.
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Committee Composition:

According to the Boundary Setting Committee Act of 2002, the Boundary Setting Committee consists of three members. Election Commission as an ex officio member.

Constitutional provisions:

Parliament passes the demarcation law after the census. According to Article 170, the state is also divided into territorial members after the census according to the boundary law.