The Trade Unions (Amendment) Bill, 2019

On 8 January 2019 The Trade Unions (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was presented by the Ministry of Labour and Employment in Lok Sabha. The bill seeks to The Trade Unions Act 1926, which offers for the regulation and registration of trade unions. The Bill also seeks to offer for recognition of trade unions or a federation of trade unions at both state and central level. Such a federation of trade unions will be recognized as State Trade Unions or Central Trade Unions.

The state or central government may make rules for:

  • the recognition of such Central or State Trade Unions,
  • the power to decide clashes arising out of such recognition, and the manner of deciding such clashes.

Implication of this amendment

  • Recognition of Trade Unions at both state and Central level;
  • Ensure proper representation of workers in the tripartite bodies;
  • Check on the arbitrary appointment of workers’ representatives by the Government;
  • Eliminates proceedings and industrial unrest.