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27 Nov 2021
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Can students clear the UPSC exam without coaching classes? Can you take the IAS exam without coaching?
Each year, when the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) announces the Civil Service Examination (CSE) results, it displays hundreds of ads from coaching classes claiming that Topper is in the lab. Only as many as 800 top civil services posts exist. However, many institutions advertise that 400 or 500 students came from IAS coaching institutions.

Can I take the IAS exam without a coaching course?

Yes, it is possible to clear IAS without coaching. There are many cases of candidates who cracked IAS without attending coaching, spending sleepless nights and without truck money at any coaching agency.
There are three things you need to pass the UPSC exam:
  • Instructions (strategy)
  • Knowledge (learning material and notes)
  • Test Series for UPSC

When do you need coaching for the civil service exam?

Suppose you are entirely unaware of the UPSC curriculum, the latest samples, and the IAS book and cannot develop your strategy to pass this exam. There is little time (a few months before the exam), and you need a short intensive course to study all the essential topics if you are someone who, despite your best efforts, does not feel safe being alone (due to peer pressure without coaching).
Suppose you have little knowledge of the electives you want to take in the main exam and find it dangerous to take the exam yourself. For browsing great websites that provide test series for UPSC and learning materials and guides, online shopping websites such as Amazon and Flipkart provide all the books, you need for clearing CSE with free shipping to your doorstep.

When do you need guidance for the civil service exam?

If you've tried this exam in coaching-you already know the patterns, the books you need, the required test series for UPSC and the curriculum, so you'll get tired of spending time again in the same class if you are a severe analyst of the previous year's questions. UPSC ensures fairness by significantly changing exam patterns, avoiding traditional questions, and developing questions with an analytical approach.

Conclusion: Can I take the IAS exam without face-to-face coaching?

Yes, any hard-working candidate can take the IAS exam without face-to-face participation! Yes, you can take the IAS exam without coaching. But it may not hold true for "everyone". It depends on his / her performance or self-study.
You can complete UPSC CSE without classroom training. However, sound guidance and learning materials, whether in or out of the classroom, can complement the preparation of UPSC exam candidates. Underline words-good, instructions, learning materials, and supplements. Participate in a coaching agency only if you serve the above objectives. Currently, there are online coaching websites that provide high-quality guides, learning materials and Online Test Series.
On that note, yes, without coaching students can clear the UPSC exam and if students join a quality test series for UPSC, that will help them remarkably. We will do our best for all future IAS officers and keep providing test series for promising results!