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09 Oct 2021
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Does the UPSC Mock Test Series cover the whole Syllabus?
Every year thousands of government exams are conducted and lakhs of students prepare for such exams to assure their job in government sectors. One such crucial exam is UPSC which is one of the most difficult exams to crack. But following the right strategy and giving quality UPSC Mock Test seriously it would not be difficult for you to enter civil services.

Does UPSC Mock Test Test Series Complete the Entire Syllabus of UPSC?

Revision of the syllabus is the most crucial part of the successful preparation of the UPSC. A good strategy of revision will help the students to remember the facts till exam day. The first step of preparation is getting aware of the complete syllabus. Once you have understood the contents that can be asked in the exam you can decide on study materials for their preparation. NCERT books and handwritten notes are the best way to study the static syllabus of the exam.
Subjects such as Indian Polity, History, Geography, Economics, Science and Technology, Environment are best mentioned in NCERT Books and you can expect 80% of questions from them. Paper 2 or the CSAT is just qualifying so general reasoning, English, Hindi, and mathematics books of competitive exams are enough for this section.
Apart from this online portal, newspapers, and magazines are the best sources to prepare for Current Affairs. In the case of the UPSC exam, it is advisable to read the current affairs of the past 24 months.

What’s Next?

For the students who are eager to know whether the test series covers the entire syllabus the answer to this is yes. Test series from a good source to cover the entire syllabus of the UPSC and is a good way to revise all the subjects that you have revised before. You should take at least 30-40 UPSC Mock Test so that you can analyze how well you remember the things that you have studied. These test series also contain sectional tests which will further give you an idea of how well you are in each subject. Another advantage of such test series is they contain questions related to current affairs. So, it will revise your current affairs section also. You should also go through the previous year’s papers.
to understand the pattern of the paper. Other advantages of test series are-
  • These test series provide you with scorecards and subject-wise marks. So you can analyze your weaknesses and strength. You will get a general idea of which section you have to study more and you can improve it in your next mock test.
  • Such tests series are time bounded and are similar to the pattern of UPSC. Practicing at least 30-40 papers will make you ready enough to face the original exam without any nervousness or anxiety issues.
  • These test series have fewer CSAT sections as they are of qualifying nature and more sectional sections. This will ensure that you do not waste your time in dealing with qualifying papers and then you will concentrate more on the subject paper.

IAS TARGET is one of the excellent platforms where you can get UPSC Mock Test series. The test series here is designed in such a way so that the student can revise the complete syllabus and become ready to face the exam.