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16 Oct 2021
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How much does the test series for UPSC cost?
Due to the dynamic and challenging pattern of the UPSC in the past few years, it is necessary to follow the right strategy for the exam to be successful. This is why the test series for UPSC is gaining much importance these days. Through test series, students can understand the pattern of the paper that he has to face and thus can prepare accordingly.
There are several coaching institutes and online platform that provides test series for UPSC. They have a definite package such as a set of 30 test series for prelims or prelims + mains. They offer such services in the range of 5000 to 15000 INR. Further, they also divide the prelims sections such as for a set of 30 tests; one can get :
  1. 25 GS paper that contains 18 sectional tests, two revision tests, and five complete syllabus tests.
  2. 5 CSAT that contains complete syllabus tests.

CSAT paper is usually kept less because it is just of a qualifying nature. Some coaching also provides facilities to check your all India ranking which is the best way for an aspirant to see where they stand in the crowd. There are also pre and post discussion of the exams to clear the doubts of the students, performance analysis, difficulty analysis, and section-wise analysis. A scorecard is also generated soon after the exam.
These coaches are well aware and are experienced in designing test series for UPSC. Such analyses are done by comparing the original paper of the previous years and manipulating the possibilities of the next year. The proportion in which the questions are asked in the GS section of the prelims is not fixed. But most of the time, more questions are asked from subjects such as History, Geography, Polity, and environment. Due to this, students have to give time for each subject as one cannot guess the weight age of subjects in the paper.
This is why the test series for UPSC makers try to cover the entire topics. They may design the first three papers that cover the history portion more and the next with the Geography portion more. They do this so that the student is well versed with the entire syllabus and so can be ready to face the exam. The salient features of a good test series are-

  • Coverage of the entire syllabus of the UPSC in the form of standard MCQs that UPSC follows.
  • Sectional tests are designed so that the student can cover each subject individually so that he can analyze his shortcomings.
  • The test series follows the level of UPSC pattern such as conceptual questions, factual questions and keeping the same difficulty level.
  • They are keeping the choices of the answer closely related so that students can develop the decision ability to answer with the correct option.
  • Tracking the overall performance of the aspirant.
  • Tests are conducted in the same manner as the UPSC by strictly following the time limit. By this, the student can learn time management skills.

IAS TARGET is a reliable platform where you can get test series for UPSC at a reasonable price. Our test series are prepared by experienced subject experts and is based on a similar pattern to the UPSC.