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All India Radio News - 9/12/2020

09 Dec 2020

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    The information and Broadcasting Ministry has recently issued an advisory asking all the private TV broadcasters to follow guidelines issued by the ASCI (the Advertising Standards Council Of India) for advertisements regarding fantasy sports and online gambling. The Ministry has also suggested that the advertisements shouldn’t encourage any activity banned by law or statute. The advisory has been issued after a long discussion with the I&B Ministry with the representative and officials of the News Broadcasters Association, Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports, ASCI, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, All India Gaming Federation, Online Rummy Federation, and the Indian Broadcasting Foundation.
    ASCI guidelines need that every such gaming ads must carry a disclaimer that the game includes an element of financial threat. The disclaimer must occupy 20 percent of the advertisement space. The ads should neither represents a person playing such games are more flourishing than others nor suggests that online gaming is a source of income or alternative to employment.

    Whether gambling should be legalised or not?

    Gambling is already going on in a colossal way and law enforcement authorities can’t stop it. Betting and gambling is mostly happened secretly and is said to be restrained by the gangland groups who use the unaccounted money earned from betting/gambling activities for wicked activities like terror financing. Legalising such activities will not only help diminish a vital source of black money but also bring immense revenue to the state exchequer. The size of the gambling market in India varies, with a 2010 KPMG report estimating that it may be $60 billion. Moreover, a conservative report suggests that the govt could earn 10 thousand crores as tax revenue by legalising gambling. If online casinos and betting are allowed, the projected tax revenue would be much higher. Formerly, Lodha Committee had also suggested that gambling should be legalised.
    However, gambling has been common in society for several decades and has been accepted as a kind of recreation at various social events. The concerns about betting leading to insolvency and addiction and it must be considered that even though betting is illegal, it is still unchecked. There are several examples of people losing their livelihoods, even committing suicide due to rampant betting/gambling.

    About ASCI in detail-

    The full form of ASCI is ‘Advertising Standards Council of India’. It is a self-regulatory & voluntary association of the advertising sector. It was established in 1985. The goal of this association/organisation is to enhance and maintain public confidence in advertising. ASCI's mandate is that all the advertising elements should be legal, decent, honest, and not objective women, fair to their competitors and safe for children. Its team includes the Consumer Complaints Council (CCC), Secretariat, and the Board of Governors. It has twelve members in its Board of Governors; four each represents the primary sectors like advertising agencies, Advertisers, media, and related professions like business education, market research, etc.

    The ministry of AYUSH and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has decided to work jointly to establish Export Promotion Council to increase AYUSH exports. It was also decided in the review that the whole AYUSH sector will work jointly to gain cost and quality competitiveness to enhance AYUSH exports. The review was conducted through a video meeting on December 4, 2020. The meeting was attended by approx 50 industry and trade heads from the AYUSH sector. Also, approx 2000 stakeholders of the AYUSH Sector joined the e-event via live streaming on virtual platforms.
    AYUSH Secretary started the discussions with the presentation on the action taken on the suggestions of the last meeting by the Ministry of AYUSH. Moreover, he explains the various other steps taken by the Ministry of AYUSH to diminish the Covid-19 pandemic and to endorse the AYUSH sector. He spoke about the growing opportunities for the promotion of the AYUSH industry and listed some problems that drew attention.
    AYUSH Minister, Shri Shripad Naik highlighted the emerging global interest in AYUSH-based solutions for disease treatment and resistance during the difficult times of pandemic. He also said that the trade and commerce in the AYUSH industry required to upscale in order to meet the increasing demands from India and foreign. It also requires serving the number of people who are now looking forward to maintaining their health. He recollected several initiatives taken by the Ministry during the covid-19 pandemic to add protection to the people from the terrible Coronavirus. Shri Piyush Goyal, the Minister of Commerce and Industry extolled the leading role played by the AYUSH industry in the combat against Covid-19.
    The continuous support of the Commerce Ministry will be given to the AYUSH industry on all matters of trade promotion. Also, the special meetings with the functionaries of the Ministry will be called up as and when needed to discuss any matter. Developing the right standard which could win international recognition was another suggestion from the Commerce Minister. He assured that AYUSH will figure properly in the “Brand India” activities. He highlighted the need for the Govt and Industry to work simultaneously in various ways of promotion and branding.

    Some of the action points that grew from the meeting are-

    • Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of AYUSH will work in coordination to launch an AYUSH Export Promotion Council (AEPC).
    • Ministry of AYUSH will work together with the Bureau of Indian standards to promote international standards for AYUSH and services as well.
    • Standardization of HS code for AYUSH will be accelerated. AYUSH sector will figure in the ‘Brand India’ activities.
    • AYUSH sector and the Ministry of AYUSH will recognize the best success stories and sponsor them among the people.
    • AYUSH Sector will work on ensuring the standards and quality of AYUSH products so that it could become price-Competitive.

    India has done significant work in the region of soil health and also has shown the way to various countries. On the event of World soil day on the 5th of December 2020, the Agriculture ministry emphasized that there is the requirement of awareness of soil health around the world, not only for a good environment but also for a good soil. The farmers of India apply about 66 million tonnes of fertilizers every year. Moreover, they account for a vital share of India’s subsidies and imports.

    Soil Health Card Scheme/Plan-

    The scheme was established in 2015 to issue a ‘Soil Card’ to farmers which would carry crop-wise suggestions of fertilizers and nutrients needed for the individual farms. It aims to support farmers to improve productivity through cautious use of inputs
    It is developed through the Agriculture department of all the Union Territory and State Governments. It is made available once in a three year, which reveals the status of soil health of a farmer’s holding for that specific time.

    Some exceptional features of the SHC scheme:

    • GPS enabled soil sampling at a grid of 2.5 hectares in the irrigated region and 10 hectares in un-irrigated regions.
    • Uniform approach in soil testing taken for twelve parameters viz. micronutrients (Mn, Fe, B, and Cu), secondary nutrients, primary nutrients and other (OC, EC & pH) for the richness
    • It will lead to crop diversification in the country
    • It will provide crop-wise fertilizer suggestions

    Government involvements to promote Soil Health Card

    • To enable rapid soil sample testing and allocation of soil health cards, the soil test infrastructure has been created, and also soil testing labs have been certified to States.
    • Extension activities such as the promotion of workshops and micronutrients, farmer's training, farmer’s mela, and others are held by state Governments.

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