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All India Radio News - 17/11/2020

17 Dec 2020

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    The recovery rate of Covid-19 is 94.28 per cent in the country and the total number of recovered people from corona virus reached 9.14 million. 14 countries having a similar population as India have reported more cases and times deaths
    The nationwide toll reached 1 lakh 41 thousand, the Health Ministry official said that 73 per cent of COVID-19 deaths in India are people with co-morbidities. The case fatality rate is 1.47 per cent in the country which is one of the lowest in the world, where global fatality rate of 2-3 per cent. We have been able to achieve this due to the timely identification of cases and proper clinical management. Our case fatality rate per lakh population too (of 0.35) is amongst the lowest in the world. The figure of total number of tests reached more than 14.4 crore in the country. ICMR is continuously scaling up its testing facilities by giving approval to government and private laboratories. As of now, total 784 laboratories across India have been given approval to conduct the test for Covid-19 including 553 government laboratories and 231 private laboratories' chains. The government said that very 'effective preventive' measures have made it possible for India to be at a better position in COVID-19 fight than other nations.

    Human Resources Development Ministery issue statement that in view of the current circumstances and after receiving a lot of requests from parents and teachers, the Government is contemplating the option of reduction in the syllabus and instructional hours for the coming academic year. The ministry has taken cognisance of the requests and started working on a plan, and also requested suggestions from teachers and academicians. In a tweet HRD Minister appealed to all teachers, academicians and educationists to share their point of view on the matter on Ministry of Human Resources Development's or his Twitter and Facebook page so that they can take them into consideration while making a decision.
    The government said that it was mulling the possibility of reducing syllabus and instructional hours of school students for the 2020-21 academic session because of the Covid-linked disruption and parental appeals. Meanwhile, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has already started working on reducing the syllabus, its chairman said at a two-day virtual conference organised by Ashoka University. “We are rationalising the curriculum. We plan to retain the core elements,” CBSE chairman had said, adding that the board will do away with a concept which is being duplicated in some way or the other, or something that can be done in a more practical way.
    Syllabus reduction is one of the many ways in which the ministry is trying to make up for loss of study hours that students have had to face because of the lockdown. It is also working on a new pedagogy of learning for school children, which will include a blended-learning approach, keeping some lessons through online classes and others through classroom teaching. The HRD ministry is also working on school re-opening guidelines and guidelines for schools to follow while imparting online teaching.

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