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UPSC and MPPSC Test Series 2022


IAS TARGET provides the India's Largest Online Test Series for UPSC and MPPSC Exams with Video and PDF Solutions. IAS TARGET goal is to make its learning initiative to all seekers at reasonable cost. IAS TARGET Provide e-learning assessment system for students to take Online Test Series for Prelims and Mains for UPSC and MPPSC Exam.

All those students who are preparing for UPSC and MPPSC exams benefit from the creating and learning environment that promotes active learning, critical thinking, collaborative learning, and knowledge creation and disseminate knowledge to learners and teachers using 21st Century technologies online preparation for competitive exams in the most scientific way.

Online Exam Preparation is the most important preparing e-learning tool to the students which help them to improve their knowledge everyday. Online Test Series for UPSC and MPPSC exams prepared by IAS TARGET Subject Specialist Team will help the students to get real experience before the competition exam as "Experience generates confidence and will put many doubts and fears to rest Before Actual Exam".

IAS TARGET Team have prepared test series for UPSC and MPPSC exams in detailed analysis, in-depth analysis and in a simple way such that students can clear Entrance, Mains and Interview exams at one place. For each exam online test being prepared by our expert faculty by following the latest syllabus, exam pattern, and previous year question paper along with maintaining the difficulty level of each questions as it was come in the actual last year exam papers.

IAS TARGET offers online coaching and live online classes, online study materials, Speed Test and Online Preparation through daily General Awareness, English Newspaper The Hindu and Indian Express Article Analysis and Current Affairs etc. which help the students for UPSC and MPPSC exams prepare for Prelims, Mains and Interview stage. All the online study material is prepared and designed by a team of subjectwise educational experts in different field by using latest teachnology methods and depth analytics.

IAS TARGET provides facility in being connected to its students through various Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram,Whatsapp, Linkedin groups and also a sections Testimonial & Live chat on the website where students can directly ask the questions from expert , IAS TARGET forum and Tips for Preparation & Short-cut Method Trick to provide help, guidance, doubt clarification and preparation strategy to UPSC and MPPSC exam students.

IAS TARGET Scientific and exam approach to be an admired institution in e-Assessments, e-Teaching, Blended Learning to UPSC and MPPSC exam preparation ensures your success in the most successful manner.

Our Online students can download IAS TARGET App in their Android Smartphone and appear in our Online Test Series 2020 via mobile phone. For students appearing for the Test Series will fill OMR sheet (as is done in UPSC Prelims exam) and detailed performance report will be sent via SMS and email.You will receive broad analysis of your Prelims Test Performance, i.e. Section-wise analysis of your Strength & Weakness (Eg. History, Polity, Economics, Current Affairs etc.). For Online Students, panel on the screen of computer which shows all questions in the different colour theme indicating which questions are answered/unanswered/marked for review. Online students will be provided Login ID & Password to access our online platform.

Where I can find IAS Test series in Hindi

Here you may find ample of UPSC preparation tests that are available in Hindi. The institution charges students a large amount of money to appear on mock tests. Some students do not have much time to spare and fail this exam due to a lack of practice to solve the MCQ. For this cause, we present a quality UPSC Prelims Test Series in Hindi, that is updated from time to time. Here you can find quality questions from current situations such as history, political science (politics), economics, the environment and static general research subjects.

Which is the best mock test series for UPSC preparation?

There are numerous IAS coaching agencies in India, offering test kits and resources for IAS exams, as well as the best test kits for UPSC qualifying. Some are offline (coaching agencies), others are online platforms, some apps are even offering free demo courses and is completely free. The IAS Target test series includes all of the courses, sample videos, video classes and more to help IAS candidates pass the UPSC exam. IAS Target has numerous blogs and articles to help you as an aspirant answer questions on a variety of subjects. For more information, please visit our website, especially for UPSC Prelims Test Series.

Can one solve the same IAS mock test multiple times?

Many applicants have been shown to learn mock exams in the same way they study books, going back to them repetitively. This can be a last resort, but ideally, you should try the UPSC Online Prelims practice test in a time environment with no other options left. Only then can candidates understand the mistakes they are making at the UPSC exam site due to carelessness and fear. Applicants need to enrol in a series of tests that offer pan-Indian competition to find relative levels of performance. In addition, efforts should be made to improve the rank after each practice test.

Note - Nature of questions will be strictly as per the UPSC pattern.