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Value Training or Value Education

Value education is how people give moral and ethical values to each and every one. It can be an activity that occurs in any human organization or institution during which people are assisted by others, which may be older, in a condition experienced to make explicit our ethics to evaluate the success of these values and accompanying behavior for their own & others' long term welfare and to reflect on and acquire other values and behavior which they acknowledge as being more effective for persistent well-being of our self and other people. There is a difference between literacy & education. There has been hardly any reliable analysis of the outcome of values education classes, but there are some encouraging precursory results.
As per the definition of Value Education, the process that gives young people a beginning into values, giving knowledge of the order needed to function in this manner of relating to other people & to quest the development in the student a grasp of certain underlying values, at the same time with the capability to apply these rules intelligently & to have the settled disposition to do so.
Some investigators use the concept of values education as an umbrella term that includes ethical, moral, and citizenship education. The themes that values education can convey to varying degrees are character, moral and ethical development, Religious teaching, Spiritual development, citizenship education, personal development, social development, & cultural development.

There is a further distinction between explicit values education and implicit values education where:

  • Explicit values education is associated with those different pedagogies, methods, or programs that teachers, instructors, or educators use to generate learning experiences for students regarding the value questions.
  • Another definition of value education (Implicit value education) is "learning about self & wisdom of life" in a self-exploratory, systematic and scientific way through formal education.