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Attitude Influencing Behaviour

Attitude refers to the individual personís mental outlook, which defines the way we think or feel anything. Attitude has a strong impact on our decisions, actions, stimuli, etc. Behaviour is an individualís reaction to a particular action, person, or environment. Attitude is the manner of acting or controlling oneself towards other people.

Differences between Attitude and Behaviour

Attitude Behaviour
Attitude refers to a person's mental perspective regarding the way they thinks or feels about someone or something. Behavior implies the actions & conduct of an individual or group towards other persons.
Attitude is more personal. Behaviour is more social.
Elements like environment, experiences, and moral values mainly influence attitudes. Attitudes, character traits, and biological factors like endocrine and nervous responses also influence our behavior.
It is a hypothetical construct whose direct inspection is not possible. Behaviour is visible by consequences & results.
An individual personís attitude is largely based on the experiences he gained by him during his life and observations. The behavior of a person is hinge on the situation and circumstances.
Attitude is a personís inner thoughts, conciousness and feelings. Behaviour is an expression of personís attitude.
Attitude is expounded by the way we perceive things. Behaviour is ruled by social norms.
Attitude reflects oneís emotions, feelings, opinions and thoughts. Behaviour reflects oneís attitude as actions are the reflection of our thoughts.

Attitude's influence on behaviour

Attitude is one of the main elements that trigger emotions, decision-making, thinking, and behavior in an individual.

Here look how Attitude influence Behaviour

A positive attitude can lead the way to positive behavior. E.g A employee who has positive attitudes towards work and colleague can positively influence those around them.
Similarly negative attitude lead to negative behaviour E.g, if a person have a negative attitude towards other sect, he will discriminate all people on the basis of religion, race, caste etc.
A selfish attitude will guide an individualís actions in the same manner. E.g A selfish person tries to cheat his partner and try to gain all profit.
Logic or rational attitudes develop a rational behaviour. E.g a rational person will act on the basis of his reason instead of blind faith.
An egoistic attitude will repercussion in a negative attitude and behavior. E.g Older individuals do not listen to their children and try to manipulate their decision instead of the consent to their wishes.
An attitude based on values and beliefs will act according to the values. E.g In India, touching the feet and blessing elders is guided by the attitude of giving respect to them. Accordingly, it can be said that attitude guides one behavior. Therefore a personís attitude will define his/her actions.