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Interview or Personality Test

How To Prepare For The Interview Or Personality Test and other FAQs for UPSC aspirants

The Civil Services exam's interview or personality test is held at the UPSC office in Delhi. The length of the interview isn't set, but the longer it lasts, the better the odds of getting a decent score. The scores gained in the interview are added to the marks acquired in the Mains test, and then a final merit list is created. As a result, the interview scores are not instantly available and must wait till the UPSC announces the final results.
Experience Life Of IAS Toppers:

It can be well stated that race of success has been always self-proclaimed; it’s up to an individual to decide when to stop running or to always be in the chase of excellence. In present times where a significant well off youngsters cash their precious time in self-indulgence, there is an existing underprivileged group of students who with their iron willpower are breaking all stereotypes to reach golden heights in their career. Let’s recharge our zest for achievement by reading these magnificent stories.

How to prepare for IAS exam with a full time job

Statistics show that most of the IAS officers started their preparation during their graduation years and some are the high-spirited aspirants who clear the exam with a full- time job. Whether a student or an employee, the bottom line is that an IAS aspirant needs to have the determination and willpower to succeed in this exam. Therefore, here we present you with a full-fledged strategy to kick start your preparation irrespective of your age, job status or graduation status.

Best Books For IAS And Suggested By Toppers:

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