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Global Partnership Initiative for Plant Breeding Capacity Building (GIPB)

The GIPB is a global partnership dedicated to mounting plant breeding capacity building. The mission of GIPB

  • To improve crops for food security and
  • To enhance the capacity of developing countries
  • Sustainable development through better plant breeding and delivery systems.
  • The decisive goal is to ensure that a critical mass of plant breeders, leaders, managers and technicians, donors and partners are linked together through an effective global network.

Increasing capacity building for plant breeding in developing countries is vital for the achievement of meaningful results in poverty and hunger reduction and reversing the current worrisome trends. Plant breeding is a well-recognized science capable of widening the genetic and the adaptability base of cropping systems by combining conventional selection techniques and modern technologies. It is essential to face and prevent the recurrence of crises such as that of the high food prices and to respond to the increasing demands for crop-based sources of energy.