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International Continental Scientific Drilling Programme

The International Continental Scientific Drilling Program is a multinational program to fund Geosciences in the field of Continental Scientific Drilling. Scientific drilling is a critical tool to understand the structure and processes of the Earth. It provides direct insight into Earth processes and critically tests geological models. Results obtained from drilling projects at critical sites can be applied to other areas worldwide. It is, therefore, believed that international cooperation in continental scientific drilling is an essential component of a responsible management strategy for the Earth's natural resources and environment.

ICDP establishment February 1996
HQ GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Member states of ICDP

Austria France Japan Sweden Belgium Germany
New Zealand Switzerland Canada Iceland Norway The Netherlands
China India Poland United Kingdom The Czech Republic Israel
South Korea United States Finland Italy Spain UNESCO

ICDP establishment in the German Embassy in Tokyo is a result of the German Continental Deep Drilling Program. The GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences serves as the headquarters for both the current ICDP and the former KTB project.

Importance of ICDP

ICDP supports international science teams with a proven need for continental-based drilling. The proposed projects help to answer societal challenges related to the dynamics of planet Earth, contributing to major advances in understanding the Earth's environment and life, sustainable geo-energy resources, as well as safeguarding from natural disasters.

Focus area under ICDP

  • Climate & Ecosystems
  • Sustainable Georesources
  • Natural Hazards

ICDP will provide

  • Technical / operational support;
  • Facilitate capacity building in terms of manpower training in key scientific areas, and
  • Support workshops for the Koyna scientific deep drilling project undertaken by Ministry of Earth Sciences.

As a member of ICDP, scientists/engineers from India would have right to participate in all ICDP co-funded workshops and drilling projects and have access to all data results from ICDP projects. The GoI recently gave its approval for Indian membership of the (ICDP).