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What is MPPSC ?

The State Government of Madhya Pradesh conducts the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) Exam, popularly known as MPPCS Exam. The MPPCS Exam consists of two papers. The first is the General Studies (G.S.), & the Second is the General Aptitude Test. The MPPCS Prelims Examination is a screening examination, and it is conducted to reduce the number of candidates who can appear in the MPPCS Main Exam. Different posts under MPPSC are:

Eligibility Conditions

(I) Nationality-

The candidate must be a citizen of India.

(II) Minimum educational qualification-

An aspirant must hold a graduate degree from any of the affiliated universities incorporated by a Central Government act or State Government act or other Educational Institutions established by The parliamentary act or declared to be a deemed university under section three of the U.G.C. Act of 1956 or possesses an equivalent qualification.

Candidates who have appeared in an MPPSC examination, the passing of which would offer them educationally qualified for the Commission examination but have not been informed or aware of the results, as also the aspirants who plan to appear in such a subsequent qualifying examination conducted by the Commission will also, be eligible for admission to the Prelims Exam. All such aspirants who have been declared pass by the Commission for taking the MPPSC-Main Examination will be required to submit a compulsorily markedsheet or proof of passing the necessary exam along with their application form for the MPPSC Main Examination. Application forms submitted by aspirants if not accompanied by the mark sheet and proof of passing the bachelor's degree/equivalent qualifying examination shall be disapproved.

Candidates possessing professional & technical qualifications, which are approved by the State Government as equivalent to professional or technical the degree would also be entitled to admission to the Examination.

(III) Age-
  • A Candidate must have completed the age of twenty-one years & must not have crossed the age of thirty years on 1st January, following the date of notification of the advertisement: Provided that the maximum age limit for the permanent citizen of Madhya Pradesh has been fixed at 35 years vide General Administration Department circular no. C-3-5/2001/3/1 dated 17th August 2004. Even though, for the administrative posts of the Home (Police) Department, Excise Department & Jail Department, the upper the age limit will be governed by the provisions of their recruitment rule only: additionally State Government may vary the lower & upper age limits for any of the services included in these rules, considering the difficulties of the services.
  • The upper age limit prescribed above, will be relaxable to the following extent:-
    • up to a maximum of five years
      if an aspirant Madhya Pradesh belongs to an Other backward Caste or tribe, backward class by the Madhya Pradesh Government.
    • up to a maximum of three years: if a the aspirant is a bonafide repatriate of Indian origin from- (1) Burma (Myanmar), Who migrated to Indian territory on or after 1st June 1963; or (2) Sri Lanka; who migrated to Indian territory after 1st November 1964; or (3) If the candidate is a bonafide displaced a person from erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) & had migrated to India during the period between 1st January 1964 & 25th March 1971
    • up to a maximum of eight years:
      if the candidate repatriates or displaces the person mentioned in paragraph (2) supra belongs to scheduled castes (S.C.), scheduled tribes (S.T.), or other backward classes (O.B.C.) as notified by the Madhya Pradesh government and domiciled in Madhya Pradesh;
    • upto a maximum of five years :
      if the aspirant is a widow, divorcee, or abandoned at the time of her first appointment.
    • upto a maximum of two years :
      if the candidate holds a green card in their name under the Family Welfare Program.
    • upto a maximum of five years :
      if the aspirant is a forward caste partner of an award-winning couple under Inter Caste Marriage (I.C.M.) Scheme sponsored by the Tribal, Harijan and Backward Class Welfare Department as per GAD Memo NO. C-3-10/85/3/1 dated 03-09-1985.
    • upto a maximum of five years :
      if the aspirant is a sportsman and honored by the government with the "Vikram Award" as per G.A.D. Memo. No. C-3/8/85/3/1 dated 3/09/1985.
    • upto a maximum of three years :
      in the case of Services Personnel from Defence, if one is disabled in military operations during war or hostilities with a foreign country or in a disturbed area and discharged from duty as a consequence thereof.
    • upto a maximum of eight years :
      if the aspirants falling under the above category (viii) belongs to the scheduled caste (S.C.), scheduled tribe (S.T.) or other backward classes (O.B.C.).
    • up to a maximum of three years :
      in the case of an aspirant who is bonafide, repatriate of Indian origin who has Indian passport from Vietnam, as also an aspirant holding an emergency certificate issued to them by Indian Embassy in Vietnam and who arrived in India from Vietnam not earlier than July. 1975;
    • upto a maximum of eight years :
      if the aspirant falling under category (x) above belongs to a scheduled caste (S.C.), scheduled tribe (S.T.), or other backward classes.
    • up to a maximum of five years:
      in case of Ex-servicemen & Commissioned officers, including Emergency Commissioned Officers (E.C.O.'s), Short Service Commissioned Officers (SSCOs) who have rendered minimum five years of military service as of 1st January, the prior date of commencement of Examination & have been released on completion of the assignment (including those whose assignment is to be completed in less than six months from the stipulated date) apart from that, by way of dismissal or discharge on account of mis-conduct or in-efficiency or on account of physical disability attributable to Military service or on invalided;
    • up to a maximum of ten years: :
      In case the aspirant falling under category (xii) supra belongs to the scheduled castes (S.C.), scheduled tribes (S.T.), & other backward classes (OBC);
    • An aspirant who is a veteran will be allowed to the substation from his age, the period of all defense services previously served by him provided that the final age does not cross the upper age limit by more than three years.
    • For the permanent, temporary employees of the M.P. Government & for all classes of employees (including female employees) working in the autonomous and independent bodies of the State like Municipal corporations, municipalities, Corporations, Boards, Councils, etc., the maximum age limit prescribed is 38 years. The above relaxation will also apply to employees, staff members & contingency paid staff, and persons employed/postings in the implementing committees (Enclose certificate from the competent authority).
    • upto a maximum of three years :
      if the candidate is a regular state or central government employee; after substracting from his age, the period of all non-permanent service previously served by them up to a maximum of 7 years, even if employees render/services in more than one term. Explanation- The term retrenched Government servant refers to employees who were in government service of the State or any of its member body for a continuous period of a minimum of six months & who was discharged from service because of a reduction in an establishment of not beyond three years or the date of application made apart from that for employment in government service.
    • Physically handicapped aspirants shall have a concession of five years in the upper age bracket for class-II posts & of 10 years for class-III services. The benefit of the handicapped category shall be granted only on a minimum of 40% disability.
    • upto a maximum of 10 years :
      As per the Rule 4 of Madhya Pradesh Civil Services (Special Provision for Appointment of Female) Rules, 1997, all-female candidates (which also include women from outside Madhya Pradesh) shall be granted a concession of 10 years in the upper age bracket. Save as provided in Rule Six (3), the age limits mentioned can in no any circumstances be relaxed. The aspirants should note that the Commission shall accept only such date of birth (DoB) as is recorded in the metric or secondary school examination certificate. High School/Higher Secondary Certificate/Mark sheet, distinctly mentioning the date of birth of the aspirants must be attached compulsorily with the Main Examination application form, failing which the application form will not be accepted. Under no circumstances documents relating to age, like horoscope, affidavit, birth-related extracts from Municipal Corporation service records & the like, shall be accepted. Once a date of birth (DoB) has been recorded in the application form, a request for any change therein shall not be contemplated under any condition, & all such representations will not be accepted. The application could not be accepted on finding any discrepancy between the information provided in the Prelims and Main Examination application form.
      • No male candidate who has more than one wife living or who has a wife living marries in the condition in which such marriage is nullified by reason of its taking place during the lifespan of such wife shall not be entitled to an appointment at any of the services, appointment to which is made in line with the result of this Examination till the State Government is satisfied that there is some extra-ordinary reason for doing so, & thereupon the Government may grant exemption to such a male candidate from the operation of this Rule.
      • No female candidate whose marriage is nullified by reason of the husband having a wife living at the time of such marriage or who has married a person who has a wife living at the time of such marriage shall not be entitled to appointment to any of the services, appointment to which is made in line with the result of this Exam until the State Government is satisfied that there is some special reason for doing so, and thereupon, the Government may free such a female candidate from the operation of this Rule.
      • A candidate shall be eligible for appointment only when, as per the amendment brought about by the State Government, under Rule 6 of Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Rules 1961, dated 10-03-2000.
        • A male candidate is not married before 21, and a female candidate before 18 years of age.
        • The candidate doesn't have a third offspring after 26th January 2001.

A candidate must be mentally strong & physical health and free from any bodily defect likely to impede the discharge of his duties as an officer of a particular service. An aspirant who, after such Medical Test as the Government or the appointing authority, as the case may be, may prescribe, is found not to satisfy these requirements, shall not be appointed. Only those aspirants who are likely to be considered for appointment shall be medically examined.

The Commission cannot advise candidates about their eligibility for any particular service. It is for the candidates themselves to see whether they satisfy the prescribed requirements (conditions) and whether it is worthwhile to apply. However, the candidates' attention is drawn to the following physical standards laid down for certain services, which are given in the table below; before applying, the candidates should satisfy themselves that they fulfill the minimum requirements prescribed for such services, lest they should be disappointed later on. The State of the Government shall conduct an Examination of physical standards before making an appointment.

S. No. Name of the Post Sex Height in cms Chest girth Without Expansion cms. Fully expan-ded cms.
1. State Police Service (Deputy Superintendent, Police) Male 168 84 89
- - Female 155 Chest measure-ment not required Chest measure-ment not required
2. District Commandant, Home Guards Male 165 84 89
- - Female 155 Chest measurement not required Chest measurement not required
3. District Excise Officer - 163 84 89
4. Superintendent, District Jail Male 168 84 89
- - Female 155 Chest measurement not required Chest measurement not required
5. Excise Sub-Inspector Male 165 81 86
- - Female 152.4 Chest measurement not required Chest measurement not required
6. Assistant Jailor Male 165 84 -
- - Female 158 Chest measurement not required Chest measurement not required
7. Transport Sub-Inspector - 165 81 (Un-Expanded) -

Success in the Examination confers no right to appointment unless the Government is satisfied after such inquiry as may be deemed necessary that the candidate is suitable in all respects for appointment to the service.

The decision of the Commission as to the eligibility of a candidate for admission to the Examination or other matters shall be final. No representation or correspondence shall be entertained on this point. The admission to the Preliminary Examination shall be provisional. If, on verification at any stage of selection, it is found that a candidate does not fulfill all the eligibility conditions or gives false/erroneous information, his candidature shall be canceled. If any of his claims are found to be incorrect, he may render himself liable to disciplinary action by the Commission in terms of Rule 16 given below.

The mere fact that an admission card/letter to the Examination has been issued to a candidate shall not imply that his candidature has been finally/irrevocable accepted by the Commission or that the entries made by the candidate in his application form for the Preliminary Examination have been accepted by the Commission as true and correct.

A preliminary Examination is just a screening test; hence the Commission doesn't ask for any certificates to accompany the application form for the Preliminary Examination, and eligibility for the Examination is not inquired into at that stage. All the applicants shall be admitted to the preliminary Examination without exception, but close scrutiny of the application forms of the Main Examination will be done at the time of preparing the results of the Main Examination, that is, at the time of determining the eligibility of the candidates for interview. Application forms not enclosing the required certificates shall be rejected. Therefore, the candidates should thoroughly ensure their eligibility before applying as to whether they fulfill the requirements/conditions laid down in the advertisement, lest they should be disappointed afterward.

No candidate shall be admitted either to the preliminary Examination or Main Examination unless he/she holds an admission card issued by the Commission. If any error is observed in the admission card, it shall be the liability of the candidate to immediately contact the Commission's office for correction thereof.

Application form, filled partially/erroneously/found with overwriting/not signed at desired spaces/having missing self-signed desired number of photographs or found without appropriate Bank Draft of requisite amount, shall be rejected.

  • The candidates claiming any relaxation in age or any other concession must attach, with their application forms for the Main Examination, a photocopy of the appropriate certificate issued by the competent authority. A permanent caste certificate relating to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, or Other Backward Classes, issued by a sub-divisional officer (Revenue), who is authorized by the Government of Madhya Pradesh to issue caste certificates, must be attached compulsorily with the application form. In the case of married women, the caste certificate held by their father alone will be accepted. If a candidate fails to produce a permanent certificate of caste and other certificates in original at the time of the interview, his candidature shall be rejected, for which the candidate himself shall be responsible. Any undertaking or representation by the candidates in this connection, while not accepting them, shall just be filed. In the absence of the required certificates, their cases for a claim to any relaxation/concession shall not be considered.
  • A candidate claiming age concession as retrenched government servant of Madhya Pradesh should produce in original a certificate from the Head of the Department or office from where he was retrenched, stating the designation of each post held by him, the date of appointment, and leaving in respect of each post and also certifying that he was discharged because of a reduction in establishment. He should also produce an attested copy of the certificate of his registration at the Employment Exchange if any.
  • A candidate claiming age concession as an ex-serviceman should produce in original a certificate from his last Ministry/Office indicating the dates of commencement and discharge in respect of his Defence service and that he was retrenched or declared surplus as a result of the recommendation of the Economic Unit or due to routine reduction in the establishment, as the case may be. He should also produce an attested copy of his registration at the Employment Exchange if any.

A candidate who has been found by the commission to be guilty of the following:-

  • obtaining support for his candidature, whether in the Written Examination or interview by any means, or
  • impersonating, or
  • procuring impersonation by any person, or
  • submitting fabricated documents or documents which have been tampered with, or
  • making statements which are incorrect or false or suppressing therein material information at any stage of selection, or
  • resorting to any other irregular or improper means for obtaining admission to the examination, or
  • using or attempting to use unfair means in the examination hall, or
  • harassing, threatening or causing physical injury to the staff engaged in the conduct of examination, or
  • violating any of the instructions given to the candidates in their admission card or other directives including oral instructions given by the centre supervisor or other staff engaged in the conduct of examination, or
  • misbehaving in any other manner in the examination hall or in the interview, may, in addition to rendering himself/herself liable to criminal prosecution, be liable-
    • to be disqualified by the commission from the examination for which he is a candidate, and/or
    • to be debarred either permanently or for a specified period-
      • by the commission from an examination held or a selection made by it;
      • by the state government from employment under it; and
    • if he is already in service under the government, to a disciplinary action under appropriate rules, provided that no penalty under this rule shall be imposed except after-
      • giving the candidate an opportunity of making such representation in writing as he may wish to make in that behalf, and
      • taking the representation, if any, submitted by the candidate within the period allowed to him, into consideration.

The application forms received after the prescribed date will not be considered, and the fees received with such forms will not be refunded. The Commission shall not be responsible in the event of forms getting late, mutilated, or lost during postal/courier services.

Only one application form will be accepted in one envelope. Every such application form received in Commission's office, either at the counter or by post, would be acknowledged, and a registration number would be issued to the candidate as a token of the receipt of the application form. The fact that the application registration number has been issued to the candidate does not ipso facto mean that the application is complete in all respects and has been accepted by the Commission. No correspondence or representation will be entertained in respect of late receipt of the application form. The decision of the Commission as to eligibility or otherwise of a candidate for admission to the Examination shall be final.

The Commission reserves the right to allocate the center or not for Examination to the candidate, keeping in view the preference recorded in the application form. It is not necessary and binding for the Commission to allocate the desired examination center to the candidate. Examination centers are allocated by the Commission, keeping in sight the capacity of examination centers and administrative convenience. No application for change of center or any other entry in the application form shall be entertained.

If a candidate wants to receive any communication from the Commission on an address different from the one given in his application form, such a change in address should be communicated to the Commission at the earliest, along with two self-addressed sufficiently stamped envelopes of 11.5 cm x 27.5 cm size, in which he must note down his registration number and the name of the Examination. Although the Commission makes every effort to take account of such change, they cannot accept any responsibility in the matter.

The Commission shall not supply mark sheets in respect of preliminary Examination as it is only a screening test. As such, no correspondence will be entertained in this connection. However, the mark sheets of the Main Examination will be sent to the candidates after the publication of the final selection results.

There is no provision for revaluation of the examinations conducted by the Commission. As such, no correspondence will be entertained in this connection.

Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/O.B.C.'s and the sightless handicapped candidates should choose an examination center nearest to their place of residence because traveling expenses will be payable to them from their place of residence up to the nearest examination center only. Candidates domiciled in Madhya Pradesh, not already in service and belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes notified by the Government of Madhya Pradesh or to O.B.C.'s recognized by the State and the blind candidates, on taking the Examination will be paid travel expenses in cash under the current rules of the Madhya Pradesh Government by the Centre Superintendent at the center itself before their return journey. For this, the candidates will have to provide the required declaration duly filled into the Centre Superintendent and also produce all the necessary certificates relating to the eligibility for the traveling allowance. Therefore they will be given traveling expenses only when they attach along with the Declaration form a self-attested copy of the permanent caste certificate issued by a competent authority of Madhya Pradesh. Candidates of reserved categories domiciled in Madhya Pradesh/blind candidates, presenting themselves at the interview, will be paid traveling expenses by the office of the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission.

The various concessions were given in the advertisement for the candidates of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes shall be applicable only to those who are domiciled in Madhya Pradesh and belong to Scheduled Castes, and Scheduled Tribes were notified as such by the Government of Madhya Pradesh and to Other Backward Classes recognized by the Madhya Pradesh Government. Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and O.B.C. candidates of other states will be considered as belonging to the unreserved category. Reservation, relaxation in age limit, and other benefits will not be allowed to the candidates belonging to the 'creamy layer of the Other Backward Classes recognized by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

The candidates finally selected for a particular service will have to undergo such training and pass such departmental Examination as may be prescribed by the Government. They will be required to serve at any place in Madhya Pradesh and should be able to make an appointment immediately when offered. Candidates selected by the Commission for appointment as Deputy Superintendent of Police will have to execute a bond to serve the State for a period not less than three years as Deputy Superintendent of Police or in another similar capacity as the State The Government may desire.

Repeal and Saving :

All rules corresponding to these rules and in force immediately before the commencement of these rules are hereby repealed in respect of matters covered by these rules:

Provided that any an order made or action is taken under the rules so repealed shall be deemed to have been made or taken under the corresponding provisions of these rules.

By order and in the name of the Governor of Madhya Pradesh,

(Y. Satyam)

Addl. Secretary

Govt. of Madhya Pradesh

General Administration Department