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Reading NCERT textbooks is essential to preparing for the IAS exam. If you're wondering which NCERT books to study at UPSC, here are some related UPSC books in the NCERT catalogue. Ideally, it would be helpful to read through all the UPSC-related books from grades 6 to 12. However, some of these books are more important than others, so they list all the essential NCERT books in IAS and essential topics for the civil service exam.

This article attempts to answer the question, "Which NCERT books are important in the IAS exam?" And provides a detailed list of NCERT books for UPSC preparation. These NCERT books required for the civil service exam are helpful in both UPS Prelims and Mains. Subject Wise UPSC Preparation Books from NCERT Books Catalog of IAS is also available.

The UPSC CSE syllabus preliminary and main exams are comprehensive and require many sources to adequately address the challenges of the UPSC Questionnaire. Refer to the list of NCERT books for the IAS 2022 Prelims & Mains Examination.

This UPSC booklist from the NCERT Book Catalog helps applicants prepare for the exam. This list includes UPSC Prelim books and IAS Network books. Download links for all essential UPSC-IAS NCERT books can be found at the end of the article.

We are confident that the NCERT comprehensive UPSC booklist provided in this article will save you time in preparing for the IAS. Therefore, we hope that you can answer the question, "Which NCERT books should I read for UPSC?" And get a complete list of NCERT-UPSC preparatory books to start preparing for IAS today.

Note: All NCERT textbooks can be downloaded here. Compiled PDFs of all NCERT books will soon be available for download from this page, so stay tuned.


Is the NCERT mandatory for UPSC?

Yes, NCERT books contain concise information in simple words for clarity. In addition, they are essential from the perspective of both UPS Prelims and Mains exams. Are NCERT books sufficient for IAS? NCERT textbooks are a must for the IAS exam. Candidates should also look into technical books (such as Indian Polity by Laxmikant) to monitor current events.

What is the best geography book for IAS?

The best book to prepare geography for the UPSC exam: NCERT Books-6th-12th Standards A decent atlas Geography of India-Majid Husain. Which magazine is best to prepare for the UPSC? Yojana magazine is one of the most critical resources for UPSC preparation. Since the magazine is published by the Government of India (Ministry of I & B), it contains reliable facts and data that can be cited in the UPSC Mains review.

How much is the salary of IAS staff?

The basic monthly salary for IAS staff starts at Rs 56,100 (TA, DA, HRA added) and can rise to Rs 2,500 for Chief Cabinet Secretary. Read this IAS Salary article to learn more about the IAS staff salary system recommended by the 7th Salary Commission. In what month will the IAS exam be held? According to the UPSC calendar, the three stages of the IAS exam are conducted throughout the year. For UPSC 2022, the months are: Qualifying Round-June 2022 Network-September 2022 Interview-still open

How many exams does IAS have?

The latest UPSC exam pattern has 11 exams (2 papers in Prelims and nine papers in Mains). If the candidate passes the mains, a UPSC personality test or IAS interview will be conducted. How do I apply for IAS 2022? UPSC Notice 2022 will be released on February 2, 2022. To apply for IAS 2022, candidates must complete a two-part online registration on the UPSC official website by the final application deadline.

How to Read NCERT for UPSC Civil Service Exam

Civil servant candidates are generally advised to start with the NCERT in preparation for the UPSC. These textbooks should be read before other reference books. The reason is very simple and clear as it helps to build a strong foundation. The analysis of the previous year's questionnaire also underscores the importance of the NCERT to the UPSC. The analysis clearly shows that the questions from the NCERT book are asked consistently, directly or indirectly.

In addition, the NCERT book sharply covers most of the topics mentioned in the UPSC Public Services Curriculum. If you don't have enough time, download the NCERT compilation for UPSC and start preparing for UPSC.

How to read the UPSC NCERT?

There is no way to read the UPSC's NCERT. You can start preparing for the UPSC by taking the approach that suits you best. You can first select any subject and then start grades 6-12 of the relevant textbook. However, due to the weight and simplicity of the curriculum, it is best to start with the UPSC Indian Polity NCERT book. In your first reading, try to understand the basic concepts.

In the second reading, you can take your own notes. You can also skip the process of taking notes in the UPSC NCERT workbook. All you have to do is supplement the NCERT reading with NCERT editing and take the necessary notes there. In this case, there is a concise NCERT revision note that can accommodate multiple revisions.

In general, old NCERT books are recommended for history and new books for geography. However, the NCERT edits have been tailored to the requirements of UPSC preparation. If you don't have a UPSC NCERT book, you can trust it. Once you have a list of books, schedule it to read NCERT in about two months. It is essential to understand that NCERT is a basic must-read book. However, make sure you have read at least two UPSC NCERT books within two months.

If you don't want to confuse the old NCERT with the new NCERT, you can use Career Launcher's NCERT compilation. We provide a collection of old and new NCERTs. It helps you and provides a clear path for your preparation.