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News Paper Article - 09/09/2021

01 Jan 1970

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    11 September 2001 was the day when the US declared war against terrorism; the Taliban regime became active by hoisting the flag over the precedential palace of Afghan and started their new regime. Apart from taking revenge for the 9/11 attack, the US went global to curb the terrorist activities.

    The Blunder of US President:

    The involvement of terrorist groups has made the world unsafe. And the decision made by Joe Biden, the president of the US has raised several questions like are they inviting the 9/11 attacks again in their country. Mr. Biden will always be remembered for making the deadly combination of terrorists that is Taliban together with Pakistan. Historians will also baffle that the US wasted their time, soldiers, and money just to bring the terrorist to power again. This war has killed approx 2,448 American soldiers and 1144 allied troops and more than 66,000 Afghan security persons and uncountable civilians.
    The Taliban’s defense against one of the most powerful military has created confidence in the violent Islamist in the history of Jihad. This win of the Great Satan is being joyfully celebrated by the Taliban and inspiring other Islamists who are in the terrorist group.

    Are the Allies Worried?

    America’s closest partner, India, which is situated near to the Pakistan and Afghanistan belt is the biggest sufferer by the decision of Mr. Biden. Now India has to deal with the biggest epicenter of terrorism as their neighbors and will have less time to counter the expansionist China where several Chinese and Indian soldiers are at the Indo-China border.
    As per the latest interview of Biden, he says calling back the army does not mean that they are quitting their anti-terrorist mission. This decision is taken to stop the military operations and the opportunity to remake the world. Such strategy has alarmed the allies such as Taiwan and Ukraine who have to develop fear by the way the US threw Afghan government.
    It is not the first time that Mr. Biden has taken this blunder decision. Former presidents, George Bush, and Barrack Obama mentioned that not only decisions regarding Afghanistan Mr. Biden have made several blunder decisions regarding foreign policies and other security-related decisions in the past 4 years. Bill gates have even proved this.
    Also, in the al Qaeda leader Osama’s letter that was found in the compound where he was killed by the US forces, it was written that Biden, the Vice president of the US is completely unprepared for the post of the president and will take wrong decisions that will put the US into crisis and enlighten the Jihadis.

    Misleading Approach:

    Similar to his predecessors Mr. Biden has forgotten the lessons that he has learned from the attacks of 9/11. His attempt to portrait the Taliban as a “good terrorist” and al Qaeda or ISI-k(Islamic State Khorasan) and the Haqqani as “bad terrorists” and both are enemies of each other. But he forgets the fact that after the attacks on the Pentagon, the Taliban’s first action was to free thousands of ISI-k prisoners from the jails of Afghan. Even after designating good and bad terrorists, Mr. Biden is helping the Taliban who is the source of containing terrorists. Mr. Biden has also sought to the court that the US with the support of the Taliban will help to counter-terrorism. As per the lessons learned from 9/11 the loss of one state is the loss of other. That means it is wrong to categorize the people who threaten the security and citizens of the country and their complete groups should be eliminated for effective controlling of terrorism and stopping global Jihad.

    Interconnection of Terrors:

    In reality, the Taliban is surely connected with other terrorist groups. As per the reports of the UN Security Council al-Qaeda and Taliban are closely aligned and operates in the name of the Haqqani network. Even after their victory, Taliban has not uttered a single word against al-Qaida and also said that there is no definite proof that Bin-laden is responsible for the 9/11 attacks.
    The State Department claimed that the Haqqani network is not a separate entity and is closely integrated as a new ministry of cabinets. Biden sought that the attacks on Kabul airport on August 26 were done by ISI-K, but the fact is ISI-k has a little relationship with ISIS that was founded by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It is a fact that ISI-k draws their major terrorist from the Haqqani network.
    Afghanistan has again become a haven for terrorists under an all-male regime lead by the Guantanamo immates which are even considered as US-designated terrorists, including the interim PM who was just instrumental of the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in the year 2001. The world is reaping more bitter fruits of terrorism now.

    On Anniversary:

    On the 20 anniversary of 9/11, there should not be reflections of the forgotten lessons from the attack and especially not support terrorism indirectly. Now the global war of terrorism has lost its track but generated a reminder to take new steps to drain terrorism. It is not late to realize for the western powers to learn that they have given a rose to Frankenstein’s monsters.

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