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Optional Subject For Civil Services Mains Exam

This is the complete list of optional subject for Civil Services Main Examination,You have to opt for any one subject optional Paper consist of two papers (Paper-1 & Paper-2) of 250 Marks each. click on the subject name to view its syllabus

For UPSC aspirants, UPSC Optional Subject is a crucial score-differentiator. Paper VI and Paper VII, two of the nine papers in the CSE Main test, are from the UPSC Optional subjects. You have two options for optional subject papers: Optional Subject Paper 1 and Optional Subject Paper 2. Each one is worth 250 points. As a result, the UPSC optional subject is worth 500/1750 marks in the UPSC Mains Exam.

When determining the final merit, the marks acquired in the UPSC optional subjects are taken into account. As a result, choosing an optional subject for UPSC should be done carefully. Unlike in the past, candidates now have to choose only one optional subject, and the question of "how to choose the best optional subject for UPSC" continues to be the most frequently questioned by UPSC aspirants!

On this website, we've gathered a list of UPSC optional subjects from which applicants can choose. It must, however, be used in conjunction with a well-thought-out strategy for picking the best UPSC optional subject. By clicking on the links below, you may learn more about each topic's curriculum and preparation methods.