IAS Target

Ashish Agarwal

Year : 2013

Rank : 209

Topper Story - ASHISH AGARWAL Background
I am Ashish Agarwal, belongs to a middle-class family. My father has been the source of inspiration for me and only because of him; I started my preparation after completion of my B.Tech. Electronic material is of immense help in the preparation of the exam, but one has to find a balance between the electronic and paper material.
To ensure consistency in the preparation it is necessary that one should not overburden himself/herself with the studies. Every 15-20 days spend an evening with your friends, go to the movies or do some other stuff you like. It will help in relaxing your mind.

Prelims (CSAT) General studies                         

Topic Strategy/Booklist
History Ancient                                                         NCERT
History Modern Bipin Chandra + NCERT
Polity Laxmikanth + Newspaper
Economy Sriram +mrunal + Newspaper
Science Crack IAS + Hindu
Environment NIOS
Geography Physical NCERT + GCL
Geography India NCERT
Geography world NCERT
Other national/international current affairs newspaper
Schemes, Policy & Filler Stuff India Year Book

General Studies (Mains) paper 1

Topic Books
Culture Nitin Singhania Notes
Indian history Bipin Chandra
World history NCERT
Post-independence India Bipin chandra
World Geo Physical NCERT + Goh Che Leong
Resource distribution NCERT + Vajiram printed notes
Factors for industrial location NCERT
Earthquake tsunami etc NCERT
Impact on Flora and Fauna NCERT

General studies (Mains) paper 2

Topic Books
Indian Constitution, devolution, dispute redressal etc. Laxmikant
Comparing Constitution with the world Vision IAS
Parliament, state Legislatures Laxmikant
Executive-judiciary Laxmikant
Ministries departments Laxmikant
Pressure group, informal asso. Laxmikant
Representation of people’s act Read the official act
Various bodies: Constitutional, statutory.. Laxmikant
NGO, SHG etc Newspapers
Welfare schemes, bodies India Year Book
Social sector, health, edu, HRD 12th FYP
Governance, transparency, accountability, ARC report
India & neighbors, bilateral/global grouping, effect of foreign country policies on Indian interest World Focus + Newspapers + idsa.in
Diaspora IGnOU material
International bodies Structure mandate internet

General studies (Mains) Paper 3

Topic Books
Indian economy, resource mobilization Sriram
Inclusive growth Yojna budgeting ARC report
Agro produce – storage, marketing internet
E-technology for famers internet
Farm subsidies, MSP IGNOU(for basics) +internet
PDS, buffer, food security IGNOU(for basics) +internet
Technology mission newspaper
Animal rearing economics Mrunal
Food processing internet
Land reforms Bipin chandra India since independence
Liberalization vision ias
Infra Vision IAS
Investment Models Vision IAS
Science-tech day to day life Hindu + mrunal + vision ias
Indian achievements in sci-tech Hindu + mrunal + vision ias
Awareness in IT, space, biotech, Nano, IPR Hindu + mrunal + vision ias
Environmental impact assessment Internet
Disaster Management IGNOU
Non state actors, internal security Vajiram printed notes
Cyber security Internet
Money laundering Vajiram+internet
Border Management -