IAS Target

Kanishak Kataria

Year : 2018

Rank : 1st

Topper Story - KANISHAK KATARIA Background
Kanishak Kataria – Secured 1st Rank in UPSC CSE 2018 Exam. Mr. Kataria is an engineering graduate from IIT, Bombay with an honors degree in Computer Science.
For Economics https://www.evernote.com/pub/kanishak_ias/economics#st=p&n=7b8135d0-4f4f-4aa1-a956-f54063bd3a7c
For History https://www.evernote.com/pub/kanishak_ias/history#st=p&n=0987b19c-0b59-4432-836a-4c8c3364333d
For S&T https://www.evernote.com/pub/kanishak_ias/snt#st=p&n=8e876e2c-82cd-4212-81e0-3d91f6e771e2
For full prelims notes https://www.evernote.com/pub/kanishak_ias/miscellaneuos-forprelims#st=p&n=d0d34837-1d46-47c5-896a-c91565f089a9

Education Background & Work Experience

Mr. Kataria is an engineering graduate from IIT, Bombay with an honors degree in Computer Science and Engineering. His high CGPA of 9.07 explains his outstanding academic achievements. Earlier, he had managed to grab top spots in the many entrance exams, he took up to get enrolled in his BE program.
Mr. Kataria has also undergone a summer internship program under the guidance of Mr. Chetan Parulekar at Microsoft India Development Centre, Hyderabad. He is currently working as a software engineer with Samsung Electronics in South Korea. Mr.Kataria is an expert in his field and has worked on key academic projects such as ‘Electrical circuit analyzer’ and ‘Virtual memory implementation’ amongst many others. He has successfully developed social search engines in Yahoo and has written a random sentence generator. Mr. Kataria has all relevant technical skills and expertise and the amazing number of projects that he has worked on is proof enough of this.

Preparation tips to clear UPSC IAS Exam – By Kanishak Kataria

Nowadays we see a rise in the number of aspirants appearing for the UPSC Exam from technical fields and Mr. Kataria is no exception. It is very clear that a person, who is ambitious with his dreams, from whatever field, he may be from, shall taste success definitely on his path. The success path to IAS is not an easy one and it takes a tremendous amount of dedication, commitment, hardship, and smart work to fly with success in the exams. Mr. Kataria is surely an inspiration to all IAS aspirants and we must surely read through his success story. He has made the country and his family proud of his achievement.
Any IAS aspirant would surely know that the IAS preliminary exam consists of both the preliminary and the mains exam, followed by the interview. Hence, placing a balanced amount of pressure and equal weightage on all three sections is the first and foremost step towards a great preparation start.
It’s a good idea to take up coaching classes, but that shouldn’t be on a priority basis. Make sure it isn’t eating up too much of study time and giving you time to focus on your studies and power breaks as well. If you aren’t going for coaching, don’t fret. There are many who depend on themselves and get the best results. Attempt as many mock tests as possible. Study the exam pattern well. Analyze your core strengths and which area in the question paper gets the best out of you.
Keeping track of time is the most crucial aspect, be it with the preparation or in the exam paper. Do not postpone easy questions till the end. You should be attempting them first in the least time duration possible. Beware of wrong choices that could lead to negative marking. Avoid unnecessary piling up of material and overdoing studies without taking power breaks to revise already learned stuff. It is wise to refer to stories of successful candidates like Mr.Kataria and try to know what aspect of their preparation helped them. It’ll surely help to learn from them, how they solved papers, and what strategies they applied.
It is also a good idea to discuss preparation tricks and tips and implement them in our preparation tactics so that we get smarter in our approach. Last but not least, a confident and positive mindset is all that it takes to clear any tough exam, and with good practice, even the impossible becomes a possible and achievable asset.
GS – 1 History
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  • Medieval: Satish Chandra
  • Modern: Spectrum
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Internal Security
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Science and Tech
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GS – 4
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