Aishwarya Verma

Year : 2021

Rank : 4th

Topper Story - AISHWARYA VERMA Background

The UPSC declared the final result of the  UPSC Civil Services Examination, 2021, on 30th May 2022. Aishwarya Verma secured 4th position in UPSC, and he belongs to Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. Aishwarya Verma achieved this feat in his 4th attempt, and he didn't qualify for Personality Test in his 2nd and 3rd attempts.

As per Aishwarya Verma, it is only Civil Services that provide you the opportunity and power to make a better life for millions of poor people, and you can contribute to the betterment of society and the country.

Civil Service, or say IAS, is not just an exam or job like another job. It is the platform that expects you to take a leadership role and lead from the front. If you have a dream to clear the UPSC exam, then you have to passionately love and put in your effort till then you achieve this feat. If you don't love or are not passionate about it, then it might be possible you will fail to achieve your dream. It is only Aishwarya's passion and love that help to clear UPSC with top rank. Aishwarya Verma was born in Ujjain, and he belongs to a middle-class family. Mr. Aishwarya completed his schooling in Uttarakhand and, after that, completed his Electrical Engineering degree from GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology (GBUAT) in 2017. 

Mr. Verma has a dream to clear the UPSC exam, and this is the reason that after completing Engineering, he didn't put effort into getting the job. But started preparing for the UPSC exam; he gave three attempts, and finally, on the 4th attempt, he cleared UPSC with top rank (AIR - 4). Aishwarya did not even clear the prelims exam on his first attempt, and on the 2nd and 3rd attempts, he failed to clear the Mains exam.

His father, Mr. Vivek Verma, works in the banking sector (Bank of Baroda), and his mother is a homemaker. Even though he got 4th rank in UPSC - 2021, technically, he is the topper amongst the boys.

As per Mr. Aishwarya, it is not easy to go for Civil Service exam preparation, and he rejected the placement offer of a well-paid job. He was doing an internship in his final year of college; this time, he decided to go for UPSC preparation. A lot of questions are storming in mind, whether it is the right decision, should prepare UPSC with the job, have I quality to become an IAS officer, what if I fail then I will be lost my job also and many other such questions. But Aishwarya's family supported him in this tumultuous time period. His initial experience did not bode well, and he failed to qualify prelims on 1st attempt; after 3rd attempt, I was confident that he would clear UPSC, but this failure shook him. After 3rd attempt failure, I felt demotivated and failed, but my parents stood with me in this difficult situation and encouraged me with double enthusiasm. This parental support gives me enough strength, and whatever I have achieved is totally due to my family support.

Mr. Verma,  an engineer, prepared his UPSC preparation from Delhi, where is joined the UPSC coaching institute. After his success, his name was in the news, and almost all people assumed that at this time in UPSC history, all top 4 slots were secured by women, and everybody hailed it as women empowerment  (because Aishwarya's name considers a woman. This misunderstanding vanished once family members and friends took social media platforms and twitted Aishwarya Verma is a topper amongst boys. Aishwarya Verma's optional subject was Geography. Mr. Verma's hobbies to playing cricket and chess games.

Mr. Verma also rejected the rumor that he was studying 16-16 hours during UPSC preparation. The message to UPSC aspirants is that they should not bind themselves to study 16-18 hours, whatever they study with logic, interest, and understanding of every topic. Students should take a little break during the study to gives relax their body and mind when it exhausted during preparation. Commitment, devotion, perseverance, patience, passion, and consistency is the mantra to get success in the UPSC exam.