Rinku Singh Rahi

Year : 2021

Rank : 683

Topper Story - RINKU SINGH RAHI Background

UPSC Success Story: Rinku Rahi was shot 7 bullets, but fight against corruption and now cleared the UPSC exam

Mr Rinku Rahi who hit by 7 bullets and cleared UPSC exam:

UPSC declared the result of Civil Service 2021 on 30th May 2022 and Mr Rinku Rahi cleared UPSC exam with 683rd rank. Mr Rahi currently working as a PCS officer in Uttar Pradesh, he is the most inspiring for UPSC, PSCs and other students that 7 bullets were fired on him when he uncovered the scam of 83 crores in Muzaffarnagar.

Success Story: 

Currently, Mr. Rahi is posted as a director of Hapur State UPSC coaching institute and serves as a Hapur Samaj Kalyan officer. He secured 683rd rank in UPSC 2021 from PWDs (Person with Physical Disability). In 2008 when he was posted as a Social Welfare Officer, he got to know about 83 crores scam in Muzaffarnagar, due to which he was attacked by people who are indulged in corruption. Even though he was alive due to god grace but his face was severely damaged as bullets were fired on his face, and he lost one eye in this horrible attack.

Rinku Rahee is the classic example of honesty; when he exposed 83 crore scam and was attacked by goons, he did not bow down. Finally, eight people were found convicted in a corruption case, and four of them were sentenced to 10 rigorous imprisonments. Mr. Pinku Rahee's problems did not end, and he was sent psychiatric ward for protesting excessive, reported news agency IANS. Mr. Rahee said that his actions were not against the system but to eliminate elements in the system which corrupting for their selfish interest. He was in the hospital to get treatment, but still, his four months leave has not been approved to date.

Mr. Rinku was born in the Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh, and he belongs to a middle-class family. His father ran a small flour mill, his journey to UPSC and PCS was not easy, and he had to struggle at every stage of his life. Since childhood, his financial condition was not good, so he had to leave private school and later join a government school to complete his schooling.

83 Crore Scam exposure by Rahi

Since childhood, Mr. Rahi was good in his studies, and he got a scholarship when he passed Inter exam with good marks; after that, he went to Jamshedpur for B. Tech from Tata Institute. After completing of Bachelor of Engineering, he appeared for the Uttar Pradesh PCS exam and cleared the exam, and was appointed as Social Welfare Officer. In 2009, he got an input that some influential people were involved in 83 crore corruption in which some govt employees were also involved, and he took action against those elements.

Inspiration from UPSC aspirants to clear the UPSC exam

When Mr. Rahi took action against corrupt elements to get them to punish for 83 crore rs, then influential people, including politicians, were afraid and decided to kill him and fire him with 7 shots, including 6 bullets on his face. Even though he was saved but his face was badly damaged, and he lost one eye in this cowardly attack. After this attack, he recovered, and he joined as Social Welfare Officer in the Bhadehi district. Currently, he is serving as director in a state govt-funded IAS coaching institute and social welfare officer in the Hapur district. Mr. Rahi recalls how his students inspired him to prepare UPSC exam, and he cleared the UPSC exam with 683rd rank in his last attempt at the age of 42.

As per Mr Rahee, public interest for him is paramount; he will choose public interest at the cost of self-interest. Forty years old Mr. Rahee has one son, and he is eight years old now. As per Mr. Rahee, social media is a potent tool that can help in the public interest, and he will use it extensively; his death will remove all evidence of corruption. So he will not let down and use this platform for public welfare.