Tina Dabi

Year : 2015

Rank : 1st

Topper Story - TINA DABI Background


Just 22, topping the civil services exam - in 2015, in her very first attempt has been an incredible experience for a Delhi girl. Tina Dabi was a political science student from LSR, and she was also a topper in her college. Before that, Tina Dabi had topped the 12th CBSE exam scoring 100 out of 100 in political science. In her own words, she said that she was probably expected to get selected for the civil services exam but never thought she would top it.
Tina Dabi is candid enough to say she had worked very hard & is happy that the torture is over. Sincerity, hard work, and determination took her where she is now, Tina Dabi adds. The inspiration to become a civil servant came from her mom, who suggested she take up arts instead of science after 10th. While the best of the students opted for science, Tina Dabi took arts and began her preparation for civil services earnestly. Her mom said whatever subject Tina Dabi chose, that she should become the best in that. After her stunning success, Tina Dabi hopes to become a role model.

Tina Dabi – Background

Tina Dabi grew up in Bhopal & Delhi. Tina's father is from Madhya Pradesh and her mother are from Maharashtra. Her father, Jaswant Dabi, is an officer in the Indian Telecom Service (ITS), and her mother, Himani Dabi, had taken voluntary retirement from the Indian Engineering Services (IES). Tina Dabi completed her schooling at Carmel Convent School in Bhopal (M.P.) and finished her university education at Lady Shri Ram (LSR) College in Delhi. Tina Dabi had pursued a degree in Political Science. She takes an avid interest in Madhubani paintings & reading fiction.

UPSC - 2015 Topper Tina Dabi optional subject

She chose political science & international relations as optional subjects in the UPSC Civil service exam (UPSC). She got the best success in this subject because of her interest. If you want to choose an optional subject, you need to focus on your interest & easy subjects.

Tina Dabi optional subject marks:

Here are the details marks of Tina Dabi's optional subject. UPSC organized two papers on optional subjects. Here's Mark's.
1)Political Science & IR Paper 1=128 out of 250
2)Political Science & IR Paper 2=171 out of 250
Tina Dabi has opted for the IAS, with Haryana as her cadre preference. She opted for this Northern state because it presents such an interesting example, where you have a lot of economic growth but when it comes to social justice and indicator, you are far behind, & that is a huge paradox."
"What is holding this northern state back is its patriarchal mindset & the gender inequality, which is a subject very close to Tina's heart. As per Tina Dabi, this patriarch mindset is not acceptable in the biggest democratic country in the world. As a woman from a progressive family & I have also studied in a college that emphasizes gender equality and women's rights. So that is something Tina wants to change about the state,".
Tina was born in Bhopal and moved to Delhi city with her parents and younger sister when she was in Class VII. She opted for humanities in Class XI, she had also started seriously considering attempting the civil services examination.
Her parents were a great motivator to clear this covetous exam. Her parents felt that she had all the qualities and abilities required for a bureaucrat & could master the field. They were the ones who encouraged & guided her to consider Civil Service Exam." Tina studied for 8-10 hours a day & gives the credit for her success to "strategy & planning," emphasizing "having a schedule, weekly goals, & being disciplined and focused".
"You feel lonely & you feel depressed and demotivated because this is such a difficult exam in India. Rest parts of your life become almost non-existent, so patience is the most important success key."
Tina Dabi has an interest in the painting of Madhubani art and is a voracious reader & a "big Jane Austen fan" Tina Dabi gives most of the credit for her results to her Mother, Himani Dabi, Her Mother is a role model. As per Tina, her Mother is more humble, honest, sincere, or hardworking."

Tina Dabi and Controversy

But, success also comes with controversy, even though Tina Dabi had used her constitutional right of reservation as she belongs to S.C. With the help of reservation, today, Tina is an IAS officer. Many UPSC aspirants criticized that they got more marks than Tina Dabi in the UPSC Prelims exam, but they didn't qualify. There is nothing wrong with this. But before criticizing them, People must keep in mind that she has done exceptionally well in the

UPSC Main –

Examination. Tina Dabi cleared her UPSC Preliminary exam because of a reservation. Still, in the written examination, her marks were way ahead of the second rank holder, who is now her husband.
One of the 'failed' UPSC aspirants was in anger, looking for marks of various candidates, when an idea stuck to him to see the marks obtained by UPSC - 2015 Topper Tina. He was stunned to see that he had more marks than Tina Dabi in UPSC Prelims Examination. The UPSC - 2015 topper has got 35 fewer marks than a candidate who couldn't even clear the UPSC Preliminary stage, which is intended to get rid of non-serious candidates.