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History is an essential component of the UPSC exam, both pre and main exams. In all books, Tamil Nadu's history textbooks are considered essential for a good understanding of the basics of the subject. Currently, many candidates at the latest rely on reading Tamil Nadu textbooks, if not all of NCERT's textbooks.

This piece will assist you to comprehend the various Tamil Nadu board textbooks required for the official UPSC exam.

List of Tamil Nadu Board History Books:

1. Textbook Class XII:
For World History (Imperialism, French and American Revolution, National Socialism, Fascism, World War, Cold War, United Nations) and the Struggle for Freedom.

2. Class XI textbooks:
For ancient and medieval India, specifically for arts, culture, religion and architecture.

3. Class IX Textbooks:
The final chapter of the Industrial Revolution is helpful.

Tamil Nadu textbooks are written in a straightforward language. For beginners in history, they are well-read and help to understand the basic concepts of the subject.

Tamil Nadu textbooks can be more valuable than the new NCERT textbooks. These books are similar to the older NCERT textbooks in chronological order. It covers the kings one by one in a straight line. This is great for those unfamiliar with history who don't know about kings and kingdoms.

In addition, the NCERT book does not elaborate on the governors of East India companies such as Dalhousie and Hastings. Tamil Nadu's textbooks better cover these subjects. You can also select a topic to read both Tamil Nadu and NCERT textbooks mutually complementary.

These books can be downloaded entirely free of charge from our website. Given the way the cultural part of this exam was presented, the Tamil Nadu Board of Education book is more valuable than the (new) NCERT.

Resolved education in TN:
Book TN Board Books
GK descriptive Coverage is similar to Old NCERT but with lots of stunning fonts and photos. In the (new) NCERT, ancient medieval history is mainly treated with random case studies and sporadically.

Missing linearity (King A to King B). And there is almost nothing about the governor of the East India Company (such as Dalhousie). Even the 1857 uprising and free struggle are superficially covered. But the problem: too scattered. And their colossal size.

So, in order to speed up the download, we integrated them and lowered the image quality. Tamil Nadu History book PDFs are good, but not enough for clearing the exam.

Read the new 6th and 12th-grade reports for ancient history (I) and the 11th oldest part of the Tamil Nadu board. For medieval history, see the new 7th and 12th grade (II) reports. Then read the 11th Medieval Part of the Tamil Nadu State Commission. For modern history, read the new 8th and 12th grade (III) certificates. Then read the twelfth contemporary part of the Tamil Nadu Board. And now, most importantly, read Spectrum's Modern India Book. It's very important.

For more information on world history, read the 12th grade World History part of the Tamil Nadu State Commission. Then read the old 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade essays. If you look at the trends, you'll notice direct questions from the new NCERTs. Therefore, I included them in ancient, medieval, and modern times. And since world history is only on the mainline, it's enough to read old books. If it's helpful for the students who are preparing for UPSC exam.

Looking for a one-stop destination to get Tamil Nadu's history books? We've organized everything efficiently here, so you don't have to worry about coming to the right place. History plays an important role in both Prelims and Mains UPSC exams. We know how important it is to take the civil service exam. For the sake of transparency, we have assembled a list of Tamil Nadu history textbooks by class.

The majority of candidates look at the Commission's Tamilnadu board history book pdf and refer to NCERT books instead of tinkering at the last moment. Don't be one of them; get on the right track and get the most out of the Tamil Nadu Board of Education history books offered here.

Tamil Nadu History Book is written in a simple and straightforward language so that the concept of the subject can be retained for a long time. Tamil Nadu history books can be very useful compared to the new NCERT books. However, the Tamil Nadu Board of Education history books are chronological, so they are very easy to create. Tamil Nadu books for UPSC pdf books will be great for those who are ignorant of kings and kingdoms.

In fact, the Tamil Nadu State Commission's history book contains details which are not included in regular NCERT books. Both textbooks complement each other, so you can cover all topics. You can use the quick links available to download Tamil Nadu board history books by our platform for free and make them unique from the mass on the UPSC CSE exam.

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