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How To Stay Motivated During Civil Services Examination

For an IAS aspirant, this reason to work hard is the reward of getting into IAS. During the preparation stage for this exam, he faces so many extraneous factors which keeps him motivating and demotivating. But the ultimate aim of getting into IAS, at least in theory, should keep his motivation levels high. But this rarely happens.

There is a reason for this. While preparing for this exam, many aspirants spend most of their time daydreaming. Just before falling asleep, hours are spent on imagining various roles.

Dreaming is not a bad thing. But you should understand that daydreaming or letting your imaginations run wild will motivate you momentarily. This sort of motivation fizzles out soon. That is why, you keep daydreaming again and again to create the false notion of motivation to keep you moving.

To succeed you need a long-term motivation. Your own actions will prolong the life or death of your motivation, not any extraneous factors. So how to sustain motivation during your entire exam preparation?

1. Find Purpose:

Question yourself Why should I become an IAS officer? Besides good salary and social prestige, the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) provides you ample opportunities to serve the disadvantages sections of the society. For many, these opportunities offered by the IAS act as motivators.

2. Avoid Day Dreaming:

Most of the times, aspirants end up dreaming about the fairy-tale ending of achieving their goals rather than building a reliable path that leads to it. Fantasizing about being an IAS officer is not going to change things. To succeed in the exam, one must have a proper plan and an executable preparation strategy. An executable strategy acts as a constant motivator for the aspirants.

3. Divide Your Goal Into Smaller Parts:

For instance, if your goal is to secure a rank below under 100, you must have subject-wise targets also. Based on your strengths and weaknesses, fix your targets for general studies, optional subject and the interview. Further, subdivide the targets paper wise. This will help you not only in managing the examination preparation but also in sustaining the motivation for a longer time.

4. Evaluate Yourself Regularly:

You must evaluate yourself at regular intervals. Allocate sufficient time for testing yourself through practice and mock tests on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This will act as a feedback mechanism for your preparation and help in rectifying your mistakes. When you see progress in your preparation, it will act as a motivator for you.

5. Focus On Now:

Realize the power of now. Invest your thoughts in the present. While thinking about the failures in the past leads to depression, too many thoughts about the future will lead to anxiety. So, aspirants are advised to be in the present and stick to the days schedule. If you do it in a religious way, the act of preparation itself will become a prime motivator for you. Whereas, the outcome of the preparation will be of least concern to you.

6. Health Is Wealth:

Prepare your body and mind for the exam on a constant basis. Remember that a strong mind lies only in a strong body. Spare at least 45 minutes of a day for physical and mental exercises. Good health keeps you in good spirits and helps you in maintaining motivation for the gruelling IAS exam preparation all the time. Always remember that the knowledge is not sufficient to clear the IAS exam. The recruitment process is designed to test your endurance and discipline over a period of two years for which motivation is necessary. We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you stay motivated during the IAS exam preparation.

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