UPSC Law Optional Syllabus

UPSC Law Syllabus 2020

The UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam offers Law as an optional subject, consisting of two papers worth 250 marks each. This subject holds significant importance for aspirants due to its potential impact on both the Preliminary and Mains stages of the IAS Exam. A thorough preparation in General Studies and Law-related topics can yield high scores.
With a considerable overlap between General Studies and Law, candidates from backgrounds in law, finance, international trade, administration, and management often choose Law as their optional subject. This popularity arises from the advantage of shared preparation efforts, enhancing the likelihood of success. For aspirants seeking similar optional subjects' syllabus, please refer to the official UPSC Notification.

UPSC Mains Law Paper 1 Syllabus

UPSC Mains Law Paper 2 Syllabus

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